Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Family Literacy Night

Last week all of the teachers at Lake Myra worked so hard to create centers  for Family Literacy Night.  This is a night for all of the families to come in and participate with their children at the  Literacy centers! (We also had a book fair, free pizza, face painting and a magician.  In Kindergarten we worked on sight words because it is recommended that each student knows 25 sight words by the end of this quarter.

Our Centers included Play Dough Sight Words and Slap Jack Sight Words.  With Play Dough Sight Words we printed all of the 25 Dolch Sight Words and laminated them into play dough mats.

Slap Jack Sight Words is a game that is played with students to gain quick recognition of sight words.  We wrote down sight words onto paper and cut them out into the shape of hands. Then we laminated the hand prints.  When we said a word the students would have to find it and slap the word.  The first student to slap the words gets to keep it.  If students are just slapping any word and not reading then they have to give a card back!  This is a great game to increase sight word recognition and really forces the students to focus and read the word before slapping it!

Here are some pictures from Family Literacy Night at Lake Myra:

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