Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Math Centers

This quarter we have started Math Centers and they are really going well.  We are working on number recognition, adding, word problems, shapes and one to one correspondence   In my class we work on many of these skills in a mini lesson and 15 minute centers.

One of our centers is creating a puzzle with number words, dots and numbers.  The students create a rectangular puzzle with the numbers 0-10.  Another center the students work on is number order.  In this center we use puzzles with pictures that show the number 1-10 or 11-20.  Each student will get a puzzle and put it together based on the picture as well as number order.

Also in Math we have been working on 1:1 correspondence.  The students flip over a number card 1-20 and they have to find the matching card that has the same amount of dots.  This particular activity was used on Valentines Day with hearts.

Remember, most of these activities can be done at home too!

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