Saturday, March 30, 2013

Technology in the classroom

I am so lucky to have such amazing technology as a kindergarten teacher.  Lake Myra really takes the technology initiative seriously.  My Kindergarten classroom has 4 computers, a smart board, my lap top, ipad, projector and elmo projector.  I love when i can incorporate technology with lessons that directly apply to my curriculum. 

Students love using the computers and smart board.  That is always the math or literacy center they want to be at.  My students are engaged and love the interactivity technology provides. 

Here students are using to listen to rhyming books.  This website highlights the words as it reads them to you.  Highlighting the words helps students recognize sight words, and longer words.  Also, this helps students see different rhyming words.  Just another exposure to text!

Here students are using tumble books.  This is a great resource Lake Myra has purchased so our students can hear the author read their book.  The expression is great in the Robert Munsch series!

Lately, we have been using the SMART board for a math center.  Students can play addition games or like in these pictures the students are playing a game that related to the hundreds chart.  You have to guess where a number is on the chart and click the box before the time runs out.  The goal is to find as many numbers as possible.  At first students were clicking all over the place; but after practice and using the hundreds chart I provided, they were able to navigate a hundreds chart pretty well! :)

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  1. This is the demand of the time. Classroom under the trees have been replaced by smart board classes. I love this technology and I feel it is the most easy way to get the attention of the child. Thank you for the post.