Saturday, April 27, 2013

Awesome Aquariums

When we tracked back in we jumped into the science curriculum all about animals.  The first unit is all about fish.  We discussed vocabulary words like fin, gills, scales, tail and aquarium.  After a week of talking about aquariums and looking on youtube at videos of the Georgia Aquarium, we made our own aquarium.  A requirement of the task was to label each vocabulary word at least once in their aquarium.

This coming week we will be starting journals and start documenting what our own fish do.  (hint hint: we are getting a classroom aquarium to share with all the kindergarten classrooms)  We will be using the fish for science and documenting what we see in the aquarium.  I am excited for the students to be able to use their new vocabulary when looking at the classroom aquarium :)

Here was this weeks classroom activity!  Also, I couldn't just let the kids make an aquarium; i saw it as a great writing activity.  After the students completed their aquariums, they were able to work on writing sentences describing the aquarium they created!  The kids loved it and really enjoyed watching the aquarium on youtube.  I can't wait to see how thrilled they will be when they are able to document the activity of our own live aquarium!

Next, we started our writing assignment. The students worked on describing what was in their aquariums using "science" words.  
 In the aquarium, I see a fish.  I see a dolphin.  The blue fish is under the water.
 In the aquarium, I see a shark.  The shark is gray.  The shark has sharp teeth.  
The shark saw a fish.  The shark ate the fish.
 In the aquarium, I see a fish.  It is blue.  The jelly fish is small.  The octopus has 8 arms.

The aquariums turned out so great!  They look awesome in the hallway!  
My class is becoming great at using descriptive words!! I am so proud! :)

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  1. this is a really amazing brainstorming activity for the kids. it not only keeps them interested and busy it brings out the best in them which is hardly ever foucsed upon