Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beginning Middle End Sounds

So this quarter the Kindergarten team at Lake Myra decided that by the end of third quarter, we wanted our students to be able to sound out three letter words and be able to spell them.  So, my creative mind came up with an idea for students to be able to work independently with pictures and magnet letters to create words that matched the pictures! 

Students loved this literacy center because it was something new, and they had never seen these pictures before!  They also got to use the magnet letters, as long as they promised to keep them organized! :) 

This idea has been created and put into my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  Beginning, Middle, End CVC Building  This product includes the pictures and an alphabet to use, if you dont have magnet letters in your classroom! 

There is a link on the top left of my blog to my TpT store, if you would like to check out what else I have created for classroom use! :)


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