Wednesday, April 3, 2013

fLuEnCy with numbers and sight words

My students have been getting a little bored of reading sight words off flashcards so I came up with an interactive GAME!  The students roll a dice or spin a spinner and then look at the game board.  Depending on the color they rolled or spun that is the line they read!  I used a pencil and paperclip to use the spinners!  Wooden dice from any craft store would work after you color them!  The kids really like to race eachother and I LOVE to hear they reading their sight words and numbers.  Both of these skills are part of the Common Core Standards. 

This product is part of my TpT store!  Come check it out! Math and Literacy Races If these are bought together you get a discount!  I also sell them individually if you are only looking for a new Math or Literacy center!  Here is the Number Race for number recognition and the Sight Word Primer & Pre-Primer Lists RACE

Check out the pictures from the numbers race- this was during math centers :)


During Literacy centers, the students completed the Sight word race!  Look how well then know their sight words!



  1. My kiddos adore all kinds of dice games. There are so many things you can do with dice. =)

    I know your kiddos must love all of this.

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    1. My kids really do love the dice games too! I am sure I will create more at some point!! :)

      I just added the follow button. I hope I did it correctly! haha.

      Thanks so much for coming to check out my blog! :)