Saturday, April 27, 2013

Math Anchor Poster..and Parent Conferences

This past week I finished up my parent conferences.  A lot of parents were surprised to find out the expectations that are placed on five year old kids.  As I quickly found out when I started my education and career in Elementary education, school is definitely different than it used to be.  Many parents stated that their  children are enjoying school and they want to know what they can do at home to supplement what is taking place at school.   Every week I send home a couple pages of homework to be completed during the week.  This way students don't have to do homework every night, but they are completing some homework during the week.  ((This will also create a great routine for 1st grade homework.))

Here is an anchor poster I use in my classroom for shapes.  Kindergarten students are expected to be able to identify shapes and explain corners, angles, sides, faces and edges.  This poster will definitely help when talking about different shapes.  Feel free to print this picture and use it at home!! :)

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  1. As a parent, it is natural to have some kind of expectation from our kids. But the expectation level should be in the limit, it should not be overburden for our kids. Most probably parents want their kids to be in the top of the world, therefore in most of the times expectation kills the emotions of our kids. As a parent, we should understand the boundaries and limitation in terms of expectation from kids, so that our kids are easily growing their career and live a happy life.
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