Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reflecting after Teacher Appreciation Week :)

Teacher Appreciation Week was fantastic last week!  My students were fantastic!!  I got beautiful notes, gifts, flowers and treats.  I am thankful for the fantastic parents and students that are in my class.  I am also thankful that I am doing what I love.  I love my students, school and profession!  It makes it so easy to go to work everyday to a job where the students love you, the teachers, coaches and administration supports you, and the parents communicate and work with you!

Part of Teacher Appreciation week in my classroom, was creating cards for other teachers!  I wanted my students to write little notes to their specials teachers and anyone else they come into contact with in the school and thank them for all they do and everything they have taught them.  The cards turned out great!  And the kids really loved to make them! :)

Another great part of teacher appreciation week was the Annual Book Sale by the Wake County Public library.  I went to NC State fairgrounds, to a huge warehouse where fantastic volunteers organized, sorted and displayed thousands of books.  Teachers were able to go to the sale before the public and search through a TON of books and take them for their classroom library for FREE.  Yes, I said FREE!!! It was fantastic; I got 3 huge boxes of free books for my classroom library, and a box of books for the preK classroom!  It was absolutely fantastic!!! :)

Here are some cute pictures from the week!

 These are the Teacher Appreciation cards that we sent to the specialists in our school!  
 Some of the beautiful gifts that my students brought in!

 Oh yea!!! FREE Books!!! 

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