Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We know.. HOW TO.. make Cupcakes!

In writing, we have been working on HOW TO writing.  We have been writing about how to plant a garden, how to get ready for school etc.  The kids have been doing so well and really have been loving writing steps in how to complete a task.  This past week, I was brave, and decided that we should write about HOW TO make cupcakes!!  We turned it into a whole day activity.

  In the morning, we wrote the steps in order to make cupcakes.  We worked as a class to come up with 5 steps to make a cupcake.  Then, we wrote together as a class to complete our writing and pictures.  


 During Math, we measured and mixed our ingredients.  The kids especially liked cracking the eggs!! And it worked perfect because our next math unit is measurement!!


Lastly, we cooked them, let them cool and then frosted them! 
The kids loved to frost their cup cake!  Such a fun day, so much learning,
 and a tasty treat to end the day!

 We also made a cute craft to decorate the hall with!  So cute!!



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  1. Cute! We made mashed potatoes in class this week, not nearly as fun as cupcakes!

    Apples, Ink and Msichief