Saturday, June 29, 2013

Flash Sale Tomorrow 6/30!!

I am tagging along with a bunch of Kindergarten blogs that are throwing 20% off their TpT stores tomorrow only! 6/30!

Katelin's Kreative Kindergarten TpT Store

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And, I promise, I will get up some new products, and blog about the end of the school year! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice Cream Sundae Day!

Today was Ice Cream Sundae Day...the kids had cupcakes at lunch and ice cream for snack!  Sorry parents if they were on a sugar rush when they got home! lol.

We worked on writing about how to make an ice cream sundae.  We also surveyed they class about their favorite ice cream sundae toppings!  The kids really enjoyed the part of the day when we actually got to eat the ice cream!

I invited the PreK class to share our in our Ice Cream Sundae day because we are working on preparing PreK for Kindergarten and showing them what a Kindergarten room looks like and what goes on in kindergarten.  (now that i think about it....the kids are going to think we have ice cream sundaes all the time...haha) Both classes loved the ice cream, and enjoyed going outside for snack!

All in all, FABULOUS day!  Thank you again to the parents of my students, you ALL made this fabulous week possible!  THANK YOU!

On another topic, I am working on cleaning out my room.  I took over my classroom mid year and the previous teacher was kind enough to not leave my room empty.  I have decided to change the theme of the room to Stars.  So we took down all of the bee bulletin boarders and the kids wanted to make them into bracelets, and headbands! I loved recycling the boarders and the kids LOVED the impromptu jewelry!  The bottom part of this picture is one of my new bulletin boards!  I can't wait to go to the teacher store next week and start planning for my star themed room!

Beach Day

Beach day was a total SUNNY success! The kids had so much fun and came all dressed in beach wear!  They wore sunglasses, hats, and Hawaiian shirts!  I even let them wear their sunglasses all day!  They thought it was awesome to read in their sunglasses! haha :)

We worked on math problems all about the beach and wrote about our five senses and the beach.  The kids enjoyed talking about the beach.  (If I still taught in Rochester, NY....the kids would of had NO idea what a beach even looked like! haha)  Good thing most of my kids have been to the that I live in NC :)

One of the other kindergarten teachers had AWESOME beach balls that had printed word endings on them.  The kids tossed the ball and came up with a word!  I NEED some of these beach balls for next year!  Anyone know where you can find such a thing? :)

We put addition facts on the other beach balls we had!  Using white board markers wipe right off of beach balls.  Such a fun way to work on addition fluency! :)

Just had to include some adorable beach day pictures!! Such a fun day, awesome beach day attire, 
and so much learning!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Watermelons and Bubble Day!

So, I want to start off by saying the parents in my classroom are phenomenol!  They have provided the class with so much this year between volunteers, and donating supplies, I couldn't ask for anything better!  They have provided everything we need this week for a week full of fun themed, common core correlated lessons! Wahoo!

Last Friday, we ended the week with a tasty treat provided by a family!  The kids loved the watermelon.  We even invited PreK to come join us for our watermelon snack! :)

We have 4 MORE days of school so this week we are having themed days!  Today was bubble day; unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for actually blowing bubbles outside but we did get to do a taste test of gum!  Hopefully tomorrow morning we will get to actually blow the bubbles!

We taste tested gum, graphed about our favorites and wrote a how to writing piece about how to blow a bubble!  Two kids even figured out how to blow a bubble!! So fun to watch their excitement! :)

Some students tried so hard, but just couldn't figure out how to blow a bubble! So cute! :)

After taste testing four different types of gum, some students decided they really didn't like the grape kind! All in all, fantastic day!  This week is going to be so much fun and we are learning along the way!  I am definitely trying to soak up all the cuteness before my class is off to 1st grade! :)

Well, tomorrow is beach day...bring on the Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses and flip flops!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Teacher Toolbox Trio Celebration & Linky Party

I am linking up with a fantastic Linky Party from Eberopolis: Teaching Reading and Writing with Technology.  There are a couple basic rules to this Linky Party Trio!

1. Share a product that you've made that you couldn't live without.
2. Share a product that you've purchased that you love.
3. Share something from your wish list that you're hoping to get for next year.

1.   A product that I couldn't live without it my *new* At Home Learning Pack!  I absolutely love that I dont have to think about what I am going to give for homework at all for the entire year!  It is already done for me!  Just have to make the copies!  I also love that I don't have to keep printing a page a night, or a packet for the week.  An entire week work of homework...ALL on ONE page!!! This pack meets many COMMON CORE Standards, which is fantastic so when the kids go home, the common core goes with them!! :)

2.   I LOVE the End of the Year bundle by: Kindergarten Squared.  As I still have 10 days of school left, I am looking forward to using this bundle on the last week of school!  It's always so tough to keep the kids interested and engaged on the last week of school because their brains are already on summer vacation!  This product  has perfect themed days for the last week!  Can't wait for the last week of school to use this product!! :)

3.   A product on my wishlist is Kindergarten Data Binders- Kindergarten Data Notebooks by Having Fun In Kinder.  Lake Myra (my school) has been awarded the Leader In Me grant!  We are going to be starting Data Notebooks and they seem great for Kindergarten, but definitely need to be modified and explicitly most things in Kindergarten! :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Measuring Madness!

This quarter we have been working on measuring in math and we have found many fun ways to measure!  We completed a measuring book where we measured how tall we were, how big our feet were, and how long different lines of tape were.  We measured with blocks, paperclips, index cards, post it notes, books, and coins.  The students enjoyed being introduced to measuring and the hands on tasks were perfect for the end of the year because we could move around during math! :)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

End of the Year *NEW* center! Roll& Read Summer Sight Words

Just created an end of the year center, all about sight words and summer!  These are fun, dice games that my students love!  The more sight words our students recognize, the more they will be able to recognize in text!! This also helps with fluency!  By reading these columns quickly, our students will become fluent, quick readers!  This way they wont get stuck on a word and loose their train of thought!  This product includes words from Pre-Primer to the 3rd grade sight word lists! :)  There are 10 game boards!

Roll & Read Summer Sight Words is here in my TpT Store!

This blog post is linked up with Miss Kindergarten's End of the Year Ideas Linky Party! :)

Father's Day Cards and Projects

So, today End of Grade testing began so our schedule was wonky, the kids were all confused and I decided to brave doing a big project/craft without my teacher assistant!  We completed the card and craft for our fathers day crafts! You can find the craft here.  It is a cute project!  The kids loved writing about their fathers!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!

Science this quarter was all about animals and we got to investigate fish, worms, pill bugs, and sow bugs!  The kids loved it, my stomach was queezy every day the bugs came out!  haha.  We learned about how these animals move, what they eat, parts of their body and where they live.

We also had an "in school" field trip, where the science museum brought different bugs and critters to school and showed the kids!  The kids loved it; I was just glad the bugs stayed in the containers! :)



After having the animals in our classroom and the science field trip, 
we talked and wrote about the animals we saw!

We have learned so much this quarter about all of the animals we were able to investigate! :)