Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach Day

Beach day was a total SUNNY success! The kids had so much fun and came all dressed in beach wear!  They wore sunglasses, hats, and Hawaiian shirts!  I even let them wear their sunglasses all day!  They thought it was awesome to read in their sunglasses! haha :)

We worked on math problems all about the beach and wrote about our five senses and the beach.  The kids enjoyed talking about the beach.  (If I still taught in Rochester, NY....the kids would of had NO idea what a beach even looked like! haha)  Good thing most of my kids have been to the that I live in NC :)

One of the other kindergarten teachers had AWESOME beach balls that had printed word endings on them.  The kids tossed the ball and came up with a word!  I NEED some of these beach balls for next year!  Anyone know where you can find such a thing? :)

We put addition facts on the other beach balls we had!  Using white board markers wipe right off of beach balls.  Such a fun way to work on addition fluency! :)

Just had to include some adorable beach day pictures!! Such a fun day, awesome beach day attire, 
and so much learning!

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