Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ice Cream Sundae Day!

Today was Ice Cream Sundae Day...the kids had cupcakes at lunch and ice cream for snack!  Sorry parents if they were on a sugar rush when they got home! lol.

We worked on writing about how to make an ice cream sundae.  We also surveyed they class about their favorite ice cream sundae toppings!  The kids really enjoyed the part of the day when we actually got to eat the ice cream!

I invited the PreK class to share our in our Ice Cream Sundae day because we are working on preparing PreK for Kindergarten and showing them what a Kindergarten room looks like and what goes on in kindergarten.  (now that i think about it....the kids are going to think we have ice cream sundaes all the time...haha) Both classes loved the ice cream, and enjoyed going outside for snack!

All in all, FABULOUS day!  Thank you again to the parents of my students, you ALL made this fabulous week possible!  THANK YOU!

On another topic, I am working on cleaning out my room.  I took over my classroom mid year and the previous teacher was kind enough to not leave my room empty.  I have decided to change the theme of the room to Stars.  So we took down all of the bee bulletin boarders and the kids wanted to make them into bracelets, and headbands! I loved recycling the boarders and the kids LOVED the impromptu jewelry!  The bottom part of this picture is one of my new bulletin boards!  I can't wait to go to the teacher store next week and start planning for my star themed room!

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