Monday, June 24, 2013

Watermelons and Bubble Day!

So, I want to start off by saying the parents in my classroom are phenomenol!  They have provided the class with so much this year between volunteers, and donating supplies, I couldn't ask for anything better!  They have provided everything we need this week for a week full of fun themed, common core correlated lessons! Wahoo!

Last Friday, we ended the week with a tasty treat provided by a family!  The kids loved the watermelon.  We even invited PreK to come join us for our watermelon snack! :)

We have 4 MORE days of school so this week we are having themed days!  Today was bubble day; unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate for actually blowing bubbles outside but we did get to do a taste test of gum!  Hopefully tomorrow morning we will get to actually blow the bubbles!

We taste tested gum, graphed about our favorites and wrote a how to writing piece about how to blow a bubble!  Two kids even figured out how to blow a bubble!! So fun to watch their excitement! :)

Some students tried so hard, but just couldn't figure out how to blow a bubble! So cute! :)

After taste testing four different types of gum, some students decided they really didn't like the grape kind! All in all, fantastic day!  This week is going to be so much fun and we are learning along the way!  I am definitely trying to soak up all the cuteness before my class is off to 1st grade! :)

Well, tomorrow is beach day...bring on the Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses and flip flops!!!

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