Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Popcorn and a movie day & End of Year Celebration

So...I finally came back to the blogging world to blog about the actual happenings in my class the last few days of school.  Once I tracked out, I had to take a couple day break, but now that its a rainy, ugly, gray day, its time to blog.

The last couple days of school were a ton of fun!  The second to last day of school was popcorn and a movie day, that we transformed into pajama day too!  Who doesn't want to be comfy when they are cleaning their classroom after school?! :)

We taste tested popcorn and graphed our favorite types of popcorn (butter, caramel, cheddar, and kettle corn). The kids loved it and really enjoyed trying different things!  Most kids like the cheddar the best. :)

The last day of school was a WHIRL WIND!  Such a crazy day!  We all got to school and the kids and I were able to watch the slide show, of all the fun activities we did this past year!  Then we went to the talent show; from the talent show we went to recess, then back inside for lunch.  And then, the craziness began! haha  All of kindergarten rotated throughout the classrooms.  Each room had a theme; my room was "Out the door dinosaur", another teachers was "Best Wishes, Little Fishes".  In each room the kids did a craft and read a story if there was time :)  The kids really loved it, and this way on the last day of school the kids were active, engaged and interested in what they were learning! :)

After we completed our dinosaur craft, we had an impromptu FIRE DRILL!  YES, a firedrill on the LAST Day of school, right at the BEGINNING of KINDERGARTEN CELEBRATION!  So, I got all the kids, and my red bag and walked outside.  Meanwhile, all of kindergarten's families were walking in!  It made for a hectic beginning to the celebration, but we managed! :)  We got back inside and the kids sang their songs, I gave out awards, the kids walked the red carpet and had a cupcake!  Such a great way to end a fabulous school year! :)

More pictures to come! :)


  1. Hi Katelin! I tried emailing you but it wouldn't work, so here's m y message for you!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! I got my post up and I really appreciate your nomination!!! :)

  2. Your posts focus on important things.