Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer was fun, but its back to the grind!

I had a blast this trackout!  I enjoyed two weeks of NC sunshine, a week in NY and a week to work in my classroom!  I did a lot of crafting and loved every minute of it! :)

While I was home in NY, I spent a lot of time working on my sisters wedding planning!  My mom and  I worked on crafts, shopping and brainstorming wedding day ideas!  E (my sister) and Mom made homemade jams for all of the visitors staying at the hotel for the weekend.  E and I tied ribbons on the jam jars, which was a little harder than it looks! haha  We also made candle holders for the head table! :)  We also made cups for the brides maids!  The last picture is of the card  box that I made!  I still have to add their initials to the top tier, but its almost done!

We also had E's bachelorette party and had a fabulous day in the sun, a great dinner out, and ended the night at a rooftop restaurant! :)

Everyday while I was home, was packed full of wedding, crafts, sewing and more! My dad and I even started to make a book case for my classroom! :)

One last thing....My mom is an amazing sewer!  She made me a fantastic bag that is a perfect carry on or a perfect bag for when you go to target and buy too much and cant carry it all into school in one trip!  With this bag I will not be taking multiple trips! :)

When I got back to NC, I slept for an entire day! haha :)  When I got home I worked on tie dying some clothespins and they really turned out great!  I dyed them red,orange,yellow,green,blue and purple! I am so excited to use these in my classroom!

Over track out, I also made these awesome bulletin boards!  I am going to use these for my anchor posters in math, science, reading and writing.  I cant wait to see how this works; I am hoping it keeps me organized and helps the students organize their subjects.  

I have also been busy making a theme for my classroom.  I am doing all stars!  I even made a behavior management clip system! :)  Each student has a clip that goes on our chart.  At the end of each day my students color in their calendar a specific color.  Each color means a different level of effort shown.  This is the best way for me to communicate with parents and students to be able to visualize what they need to work on! :)  Each student gets 3 chances before going on red.  It keeps the students accountable for the behavior and it keeps me accountable also.  It's great!

I have recently changed the colors to Level 4 effort (purple), Level 3 effort (green), and Level 2 effort (blue).

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