Saturday, August 31, 2013

All About Me

This past week we focused our social studies unit on our All About ME Unit.  The kids really enjoyed it because they got to share with their peers all about who they are, what they like and we even got to make a few cute crafts.

We read stories, had discussions, shared our All About Me Bags and made some crafts.  All in all a fabulous week!

One of the most creative things that was brought in was a coupon.  I said sweetheart, why did you bring in a coupon?  She responds, well Miss Lill, I love to go couponing with my mom!  

How adorable!  She also brought in a band aid, because she loves to help others.  What a sweetie :)

We also made "All About Me" Books and self portraits with adjectives for each kid!  Check it out!

We have also been working on counting to ten with one to one correspondence.  The kids played a game this week by rolling a dice, getting that many cubes out, then doing it again.  The most important part was having the discussion with their partner about which is more and which is less.  I was surprised that the kids absolutely loved this activity.  Sometimes the most simple games the kids totally love! 


One last thing I forgot to blog about last week.  I got a chance to have a craft day with my friend Julia and we had so much fun.  She has the cricut (amazing cutting machine) and we made some awesome projects.  The next social studies unit that is coming up is "Community Helpers".  She just so happened to have a cartridge for her Cricut of community helpers! I thought YAYYY! So we planned what color paper we needed, took a break for lunch, went to Michaels for paper and then spent hours cutting out community helpers!!! :)  She is the best for letting me hijack her machine!! :) Can't to finish putting these together and getting them laminated!

PS.  I uploaded new products to TpT!  They are nonsense word fluency races (This is FREE), letter races, star alphabet and high frequency words and also shape posters.  Go check them out!  I am loving using them in my room!!!

Here is a little sneak peak of the alphabet and high frequency words! :)

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