Sunday, August 25, 2013

We are already on Week 5?! Where did the time go?

Wow, we are going into week 5 already!  Time is flying!  We are leaning A LOT and having fun doing it!  I finally got my classroom all set up..but as teachers know, there are always a million more things you can do.  But, this past week I got the students official name tags on the tables (I know .. a little late), I redid the birthday board because one day I came in and it had fallen off the wall and crumpled to the floor, I decorated the hallway, started my behavior management system and got the students morning work printed, and laminated!  I'd say it was a successful week!

This year I am so excited about my class!  I have amazing students with awesome personalities and they are eager to learn! :)  We have been working on our morning work, math (counting 1-10), rhyming, letter names and sounds, and print concepts and I really see a difference in my students already!  I am pumped for this school year!  

Just wanted to share something that was too cute not to post.....

During staggered entry, we read the story The Kissing Hand, went on a scavenger hunt and even made a Chester the raccoon craft.  On the first day of school, my students were excited, and nervous to start kindergarten; I caught one of my students looking at her hand.  I said "Sweet heart, what are you looking at?"  She came up to me and showed me her kissing hand.  So adorable, and just too cute!

As I get back into the swing of things, I will be posting weekly and hopefully creating for TpT weekly too!  I have a few things I will be working on today for TpT so check back later for new products! :)

If you are just starting your school year, and are overwhelmed by going back to school, I have a few things you might like.  My favorite is my At Home Learning: Homework for the entire Year!  Grab it now, so you don't have to worry about homework.  I started giving homework on the second week of school this year; it got my students into a great routine, and I really think they are enjoying it!

Another great product for take home reading, morning work or even guided reading groups are my Sight Word Readers.  These would be perfect for the beginning of first grade for your struggling readers or even just to brush up on kindergarten skills.  These books also differ in text complexity.  They are awesome!!!

Lastly, are you struggling to come up with a fun writing center?  Or are you tired of the one you have been doing forever?  Come check out my Writers Workshop Writers Prompts.  They are cute, fun and allow students to become creative with their writing.  

Have fun learning!!!

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