Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I have the best mom ever! :)

So my mom was busy helping my sister plan her wedding and there was 3 weeks before the wedding.  We were talking about how I really wanted to buy some bags for my take home reading program! So my mom being the crafty lady she is volunteered to sew my class really nice fabric bags for each student to use as their take home reading bag! She spent hours sewing all of these bags.  They turned out perfect and the wedding went off without a hitch!  ! She is the absolute best and amazing! THANK YOU MOM!

Right after my twin sister got married!!

The awesome bag my mom pulled off 3 weeks before the wedding! :)

On another topic... Last week we had the Fun Run where everyone in the school goes out to the track one grade level at a time and runs the track as a fundraiser for school! We count our laps by putting rubber bands on and for every lap that is run people donate money to school!  It was great fun and fabulous exercise!