Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!! It's a sale!!!

Tomorrow my store is on sale all day! 20% off!  Go grab something you've wish listed at a discount!!  Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Week back!

Its the first week back at school and we are in FULL swing! NO more rest, NO more excuses... We are getting down to business! :).  The kids are a bit more mature and more is definitely expected of them this quarter.  We have created a classroom motto: " I am focused, I am motivated, I am important". We recite this every day and they are really started to understand it!  That makes my teacher heart happy! :)

We have begun fully implementing The Leader in Me 7 habits and the kids are startig to understand and apply "be proactive" in their daily lives.  We are working on one habit at a time!  :) I really think this 7 habits process for Lake Myra will be life changing for a lot of students and is definitely forming my teaching philosophy and personal teaching mission.  We watched The kid President today and the kids really loved it!  Parents, teachers, teens, families.. Doesn't matter .. It can be life changing!! Check it out!  Leave me a comment on what you thought :)

This quarter we are already fully carrying out reading groups and the new listening center is open! We are also working hard on our sight words and listening comprehension.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

100+ Facebook Followers GIVEAWAY!!!

Now that I have been tracked out and have had some time to devote to my fb and tpt store, I am finally seeing some followers!! I have decided to do a giveaway because I recently hit over 100 fb followers! This is a big deal because it has been 8 months since I started my tpt and blog and about 6 months since I started my facebook fans page!  I am so happy that I have accomplished this milestone! (I know small compared to others but...Im still excited!  The giveaway starts NOW and goes through Friday at midnight!

There are 4 prizes and one winner!!!  All you have to do is enter into the rafflecopter (my 1st time using this!) and you will get emailed if you win!! :)  You have to follow my blog, and facebook page and there are other ways to get more chances to win!  The prizes include my Spectacular Sight Words , Autumn Kindergarten Math Centers, At Home Learning: A Full Year of HW for Kindergarten, and a free product from my store!!! These are all awesome prizes!

A Rafflecopter Giveaway

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll !!

Because I named this post, Happy Fall Ya'll, it really makes me think that 1. i really am becoming southerner and 2. Wahoo! its actually finally fall in the south!

I have been busy over trackout working on tpt, because as I have said before I have been a little neglectful of tpt!  I made two new products, one for literacy and one for math!  I am loving the new activities and cant wait to get back to school to use them!

The literacy pack is focused on sight words and the math pack is really focused on counting to 25.  Both products are about 56 pages and are aligned to the common core.  Because it is finally feeling like fall in NC I am putting my store on sale this weekend (Oct. 12-13) 20% off!  Now is your time to check out my store and grab anything you have wishlisted!  Grab it this weekend at Katelin's Kreative Kindergarten TpT store!

Here are some pictures of my new math unit!  Again, its focused on counting.  It aligns to the common core K.CC 1, K.CC 4, K.CC 6.

Check out this product in my tpt store!  Kindergarten Autumn Math Activities