Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Week back!

Its the first week back at school and we are in FULL swing! NO more rest, NO more excuses... We are getting down to business! :).  The kids are a bit more mature and more is definitely expected of them this quarter.  We have created a classroom motto: " I am focused, I am motivated, I am important". We recite this every day and they are really started to understand it!  That makes my teacher heart happy! :)

We have begun fully implementing The Leader in Me 7 habits and the kids are startig to understand and apply "be proactive" in their daily lives.  We are working on one habit at a time!  :) I really think this 7 habits process for Lake Myra will be life changing for a lot of students and is definitely forming my teaching philosophy and personal teaching mission.  We watched The kid President today and the kids really loved it!  Parents, teachers, teens, families.. Doesn't matter .. It can be life changing!! Check it out!  Leave me a comment on what you thought :)

This quarter we are already fully carrying out reading groups and the new listening center is open! We are also working hard on our sight words and listening comprehension.

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