Sunday, November 17, 2013

Social media frenzy!

I have been so busy lately working on joining Pinterest boards, tweeting, posting FB posts and putting up new products! This is like another full time job, but I am loving it!

Check out the links to the left to check out my social media fun! 

I have also been busy in the classroom! We have done a scarecrow unit since I last posted! And we are about to begin a "what are you thankful for" unit! 

The kids loved the scarecrow unit!  We did a math graphing activity and a patterned writing prompt!

We also worked on identifying 4 main details in a story! I modeled the thought process and then the kids independently drew pictures of the key details in the story! 

Not my best art work but my Pete the Cat drawings were pretty impressive! At least I thought so!  Haha

I have created a new literacy center that scaffolds students to be writing sentences independently!  You can find the product on TpT! 

Have fun learning!! 

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