Sunday, December 8, 2013

Remembering Sandy Hook and some Random Acts of Kindness

As educators, we remember and honor our fallen colleagues and their students from Sandy Hook School. We honor them each day in our classrooms in which we continue their dream of teaching our children. We honor their memory with our service. Join with teachers everywhere in committing random acts of kindness to show our love for Sandy Hook.

The day of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, I heard about it through texts but didnt realize the devastation until after school when I read the articles.  How horrific of an event, how terrible it would have been, but we have an opportunity to provide Random Acts of Kindness to people in our lives that usually do not get the recognition for what they do every day.

This week, my class will be performing random acts of kindness in school!  I am excited to bring this idea to the kids because as kindergarteners, we have the opportunity to use our imaginations, creativity and cuteness to make a teacher, staff member, janitor, administrator, or parent smile and remember to be kind, caring and positive.  :)

We will be watching a Random Acts of Kindness video from Youtube to get some ideas!  Check it out; this is easy to do at any gradelevel!  You can do it too! :)  Join in the fun, and put a smile on someone's face this week!  :)

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