Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Fun in Kinder!

This holiday season was filled with the common core, assessments, report cards, and mclass assessments!  Within the stress of all that wean aged to get everything done and have a lot of fun! 

We made cinnamon ornaments, funny holiday prop pictures, placemats for the holiday table and even had a popcorn and hot cocoa party!  Here is a little eye into our holiday fun!!

Now that I'm tracked out for a while I got to see my family too!! I went to NY for Christmas and had a wonderful time laughing, and enjoying time with family!

Somehow my twin and I didn't take a pic! :(

I had my sister really busy crocheting me scarves! I love this one, orange and blue, Syracuse colors!!! 

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  1. I adore your photo booth pics! Just stopping by to say Hi to fellow NC teacher/bloggers!
    Dirt Road Teacher