Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fabulous February Fun!

So, I have been a bad blogger!  I have so much to fill you in on!!!  Valentines Day, 100th Day, and Kindergarten fun!!!

For Valentines Day, we had so much fun with math centers, reading centers and Saturday School Fun!  We actually didn't have school on Valentines day, but we did have school the day after! Yes, that was a Saturday!

We made the best of it and had a blast!!!  I started the morning with pancakes again for staff, in the shape of hearts!! :)  Then we had 3.5 hours to do math, writing and reading, plus a Valentines Day Celebration!

The adding card and recording sheet are part of my Valentines day centers!!

Valentines Day was so fun, but I loved the 100th day of school!  I used an aging app to make my kids look like they were 100 years old & they wrote about what they want to be like when they are 100!  One of my favorite responses was "Miss Lill, I want to sell make-up when i'm 100 so people skin will look nice when they are old" hahahaha! The crazy things kids come up with!  Some of the other responses were that they wanted to be like their grandparents, they wanted to be nice to their grandkids, they wanted to tell jokes to make old people laugh! So cute!

Haha, too funny! 

Best class ever!! So adorable, they are getting so smart! :)

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