Sunday, April 6, 2014

Higher Level Thinking in Kindergarten...*Creativity*...Not Fluff!

This quarter we have focused on using higher level thinking and using the most of every minute of instruction because we had about 10 snow days.  We focused on CREATIVITY without so as much fluff!  Yes, I teach kindergarten, and YES we use higher level thinking.  We used Blooms Taxonomy ~Creation~ on the last day before we tracked out and the students developed their own posters to go along with mine that are all around the classroom.  After teaching word families, we began discussing blends and my students had practiced all week coming up with blends, spelling them, and using blends in sentences.

By Friday, I was confident they could make a poster with a partner on their own.  I had to give up the control, and give my students the responsibility.  They used their creative side, and applied the blends we had practiced to their posters.  After only a few mistakes, we got it!  The kids posters turned out so cute and I really think this helped them gain a deeper understanding of blends, and it was so much more fun for everyone compared to writing words on whiteboards!

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and give the responsibility to the kids!  They love it and really thrive.  This allows the kids to show effort and ownership of a project!  



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