Saturday, May 24, 2014

Barefoot and lovin it!

Yesterday it was so hot outside and the kids were tired and a little cranky from the heat.  When we got back in from recess we sat quietly in the dark for a few minutes and got our drinks of water.

After getting back into the the school mindset, I began a writing mini lesson where we integrated science with writing and adding details, my kids wrote all about snails.  We completed a graphic organizer as a class of all the words that may be tricky to spell about snails and then they were well on their way to writing!  

Then the surprise came!!!! I told them if they promised to be extra quiet and try their best, I would allow them to take their shoes off while they were in their seats!  The kids were ecstatic and SO quiet!  Granted the room was a little smelly, but it was the best 25 minutes of my day and theirs too!

I got some awesome responses from parents about this epic day in kindergarten! The kids went home and raved about it!  ((I think I just found my class motivation to be extra quiet and show effort)). This makes my heart smile! 

Overall, a fabulous day in kindergarten!  I'm so thankful to have awesome students and awesome classroom parents!  <3


  1. Such a cute idea about going barefoot! I bet they will remember that forever! Great blog! I just emailed you about the FB pop up box! Have a great weekend! Sherry

  2. Thanks so much!! I got the pop up to work! :) Anything to contain the chaos in the last few weeks of school! ;)

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