Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back 2 School--And a Giveaway!

I am participating in the Back 2 School Bloghop and giveaway from The Fabulous First Grade.  Continue daily on the blog hop and receive freebies, and a chance to win over $100 worth of TpT products!  I have a few great ideas about the beginning of the school year that are helpful in any classroom in elementary!

The first thing I do each year is organize, label and put away school supplies.  I work on this in the morning as the kids are coming in, so I don't have a stack to tackle at the end of the first day! I use a shelving unit in my classroom to complete this process.  It has 20 tubs, and 20 different supplies in each!

One of my favorite classroom decor trick are my built in whiteboards on my guided reading/math table.  Doesn't it ever bother you to have to get out white boards, erasers and markers in every group, when you only want to complete a couple minute activity on them, before reading?  I have the perfect trick for you!  All you need is contact paper and construction paper!  Cut our squares of construction paper, and contact paper over them....and wahoo, you have built in white boards!  

Another extremely important thing to accomplish at the beginning of the year is your management system, goals, and expectations.  One really fun way I kept my students excited, engaged and motivated to read was to create a goal of reading 500 books as a class.  After we accomplished our goal, we earned a bubble, chalk and hula hoop party! This idea can be adapted in many different ways to work in your classroom; you can set reading goals in minutes, or number of books.  Classrooms can track this during independent reading time in class or as a homework assignment.  Make sure you use a reward as something the kids decide on so they are even more motivated to participate! 

The last little tid bit, I am sure to include in my back to school routine, is a structured morning and morning meeting that follows a few steps.  In my classroom when we are called to the carpet we complete four or five tasks.  We read the morning message, we say "Good Morning" to our friends by shaking hands, we play a game and do a little movement activity to ensure our wiggles are out by the time we get to specials!

Thanks so much for hopping by and taking a look at my tid bits of helpful hints for the beginning of the year!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway for over $100 of TpT products! You can enter over at The Fabulous First Grade.

Before you go, here is a freebie.  This is an exclusive freebie to my blog; it isnt posted anywhere else!  You are the first get get it; let me know how it works for you!  It is a conflict resolution, reflection sheet, that can be used at any grade level.  For kindergarten-1st grade, prompting, support and guidance are essential.  This can be used for upper grades independently! :)

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