Sunday, February 15, 2015

Google Sites--did you know there was such a thing??!

I have just found the most amazing way to mainstream what my kinder littles see when they get on the computers.  The kids usually have about 10+ steps they need to remember before finally getting onto the computer to play academic games like starfall, megamath and big universe.  This is such a process when it comes to a five year old on the computer,

Now I know that there are some people who somehow, I swear it takes some magical power that I don't have, get their kindergarten students to flawlessly get on, logged in and engaged with an activity in a realistic amount of time (less than two minutes)...but let's be real, it is still a learning process to even log on at this point.

Well I have a solution -- GOOGLE SITES -- Google, is blowing my mind when it comes to all of their capabilities.  I am loving Google drive, blogger, maps, you tube, gmail and now sites!  I created my new website in about two hours, which I thought was pretty quick because I created all of the images for each page from the beautiful clip art I already own.

Now, I have a home page that includes one link for students to click and get to the links that we use daily.  This page only includes links that we use for academics.  It is a one stop shop for literacy and math.  My new page also includes our school calendar, information about me, our curriculum benchmarks and a news page, which is helpful for parents too.

I am pumped about this new site!  Check out Google will seriously open your eyes to an easy way to create a website, accessible for kindergarten students.

Check out my page, feel free to use it in your classroom too! 

Click the image to go to my site


  1. Nice job on the Google site creation! Getting kids to the web sites you want them to visit a particular web page can be a real challenge - especially with kids that young. I just started working with google sites this year as part of our tech club. Our 3rd and 4th graders have created their own pages to house all of our projects.
    They are enjoying it.

    Math is FunDamental

  2. So glad you found Google Sites useful! We had some difficulty with it (from the kid perspective of building a site) and went to other resources. Your kinder site is great and so visually appealing! I love the border and button images! Great way to manage the "littles" of the world! Will be sharing with the kinder-friends in my building! Thanks, again!


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