Saturday, February 7, 2015

Place Value - those tricky tens and extra ones!

In our Kindergarten class we have been working hard on teen numbers and are at mastery!  We have recently switched over to 2d (flat) and 3d (solid) shapes, but these tricky tens and ones will come back when we get into addition, subtraction and manipulating numbers.  Number sense is key in kindergarten--it is one of the CCSS that is so essential in kindergarten.  Each grade level after Kindergarten builds on a childs number sense.  Now is the perfect time to practice, practice, practice--even if you feel like you have taught number concepts every day and that each activity is pretty much the same!  Keep playing number sense games, teaching mini lessons and running small groups on this topic; this is a skill our littles will need forever!

In order to continue practice number sense, you need to come up with some fun and creative ways to keep practicing it!  This year, we used play dough, a sticky board, snap cubes, ten frames, and white boards.  We also learned a teen number song and created a video on the ipad using imovie! The parents loved to see the fun ways we practiced teen numbers and the kids enjoyed practicing their teen numbers in different ways!

We use a quick ten frame and put the extras underneath!  This keeps their chips organized and is a way for their brain to visualize teen numbers! In this picture you see the number 17.  That is a purple card with the number 10 on it and you cover the 0 with the 7 to make it seventeen.  This representation shows that the ten is still there but you change the ones place to create a different teen number.

Play dough is always a fun way to work in some fine motor skills in kindergarten!  Practicing with play dough and then going to the board and manipulating our snap cubes, and equation is a sure way to encourage number sense.  Being able to represent teen numbers in multiple ways shows real number sense for our little kinders. 

Having the kids manipulate the snap cubes, and equation make this lesson so hands on.  Kids should always have some sort of manipulative in their hands during math in Kindergarten.  This is how they learn, by experiencing and playing purposefully with different manipulatives.  The more the kids have the manipulatives and are talking to each other, the more they are learning and really gaining number sense.  

Here is our teen number video that we created!  You can see my kinders fun personalities and the kids really can recite this song in order to problem solve with numbers in the teens.  I hope your enjoy! :)  

Now that we have finished our teen number unit, I will keep teen numbers in our math stations that spiral with our curriculum.  So now when we are on shapes, the kids will still see teen numbers.  I have the perfect activity set for you to add to your centers! 

Still have your littles working on numbers 1-10? No problem, I have activities for you!  It's a one stop shop at Creating Teaching Inspiring ;)


  1. Teaching kids with new and innovative methods should always be on the priority list of all the teachers. What an enlightening article. The pictures are too cute for words.

  2. Its good that at this age kids get to learn such ideas, as it helps with their creativity and opens their minds. These are some great ideas and I will be sharing them with my kids

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