Sunday, August 16, 2015

Marriage, Summer Vacation, and Brand New Kinders!

Holy Cow, the wedding craftiness took alot out of me!  I haven't blogged in 6 months, and I just created my first product in the same amount of time.  Creating Teaching Inspiring is back and ready to get this party going again!  First I want to share a few wedding pictures, and then right back to everything back to school 2015!

 Painting signs the week of the wedding!

It was truly the best day of our lives! An amazing party, fabulous friends and family surrounding us, and total love in the air.  Absolutely magical and everything I could have dreamed of. 

It's Official, I'm a Shaffer! 

Okay, back to school came so fast! I work at a year round school so we really only had 3 weeks off, and during that time, I got married, went on a honeymoon, got a mouse stuck in my AC(poor carmelita--my car.) vacationed with family in the outer banks, went back to NY for a wedding.  So needless to say it was a jam packed month of vacation and the grind hit HARD. 

Back to school this year was a little different because I didn't spend half of my summer in my classroom reorganizing, redecorating, or beautifying my classroom.  So I am working to do all of those things as I go this year.  

My class is great, we are working on expectations, rules and procedures and practicing being quiet during instruction.  Tomorrow starts week 3, so we are really moving quickly.  And..can you guess...I'm already sick! :(   But as teachers do, we power through and make everyday a smile for our littles.  

So my latest product is something that my class really needed to work on after I saw where everyone was during staggered entry. Woah can't believe that was 3 weeks ago already...time is flying.  This product includes handwriting, letter ID, sound ID and beginning sounds.  I love it! I am starting to use it this week during writing for about 7-10 minutes to work on handwriting. We will spend a few minutes with me modeling it, and then they will take ownership and work independently. 

Students will get this page and practice their handwriting of capital and lowercase Aa.  Then they will get out their crayons and only color the pictures that begin with the /a/ sound. I made my pages into a book so that I could double side the pages and it would be all in one place when they are done. Click the link below to check it out :)