Sunday, March 5, 2017

Leadership Skills that can be applied to REAL LIFE!

Leadership skills can be taught in the classroom but really need to be practiced is real life situations! That is exactly what I have done for two years in a row.  At my school we teach leadership skills like shaking an adults hand and introducing your self, like being proactive, like putting first things first and getting your work done before playing, but for two years now, I have attended NCTIES (a statewide technology conference) with my kindergarten teaching bestie.  NCTIES is the perfect place for kids to put their leadership to the test.

Back in October, my team Kindergarten Teacher Miss Carter and I, sat down with our technology facilitator, Miss Adams, and we brainstormed a project that would include our entire class, that would embody what we believe as educators and that would get the kids excited about learning!  We know what is best for kids and we ALWAYS remembered that if we are doing WHAT IS RIGHT FOR KIDS, it is ALWAYS RIGHT!

This year we came up with a project that attached to our standard of re telling a story, that engaged our students in learning and STEAM challenges, and allowed our kinder kids to be creative and think outside the box!

We retold the story of The Three Little Pigs, but there was a twist and we created alternate endings to the story with recycled materials. Miss Carters class retold the story of Goldilocks & the 3 Bears. (Miss Carter's class completed this project in the same steps but with a different story) The kids got to be creative, and collaborate on their designs!

Step 1: Complete the drawings to retell the actual story of The Three Little Pigs.

Step 2: get brainstorming on the alternate endings and get to work! My students decided to create a gate to surround the first pigs house that had an alarm system, lock, camera and laser and water shooters to ward off the big bad wolf!  We also made an alligator & poisonous carrot garden that would protect the stick house from being blown down! The last part of our recreating the ending of the three little pigs was the ice cream & cupcakes that the first and second little pigs made to bring to the third little pigs house as a dessert to eat after eating wolf soup! Seriously SO MUCH creativity.  I am so proud of how my kids collaborated and respectfully communicated their ideas.

Step 3: Record ourselves retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs and express our ideas of alternate endings!

Step 4: Record ourselves playing musical instruments to put in the background of our final product to enhance our video.

And BAM! We have a collaborative project that we working through using our imaginations, attached our teaching standards, and allowed everyone to be a part of our final product! This experience will be a memory my kids will have for their entire life. 

This project was fun, and engaging for ALL students.  This project reminded students they have something to share, they can be successful and they can be a part of something GREAT!

Take a look at our Final Project! 

So after we finished our project, we brought it to NCTIES (a statewide technology conference) and got to bring all of our daily Leadership Skills that we practice to the conference and SHINE! And SHINE they DID! The support from previous administrators, from our tech facilitator and media coordinators past and present was so appreciated. 

Just a reminder: when you want to do a project and are feeling like its a huge undertaking....ask yourself one question: IS IT RIGHT FOR KIDS? and if your answer is yes, MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The experience of this project will be a memory forever!