Monday, June 18, 2018

Classroom Treasures

 I know that classroom treasure box is a very controversial topic. Many classrooms choose not to use tangible rewards, but in my classroom I use both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards!  During my school year, I provide students opportunities to make great choices throughout each day. I use the app class dojo in order to track each child’s progress and what types of great choices they are making. (( I also track inappropriate choices and leave myself notes in class dojo in order to track those choices as well ... I do not take away any green points when tracking inappropriate behavior. There is always an opportunity for learning and teaching when any undesirable behavior occurs ))

 This was a new plan that I created this year that went along with our behavior management program that we use schoolwide, Capturing Kids Hearts. In kindergarten, I felt as though there was some need for extrinsic rewards as well as many intrinsic rewards each day. Within our social contract, we prided ourselves in being kind, showing respect and following directions daily.  When those agreed upon rules were followed students would get green points.  When they got enough green points, they would get to go to our TREASURE!

As a part of Capturing Kids Hearts, there should be posted rewards and consequences within the classroom.  Students knew that their Class Dojo points earned them fun individual incentives as well as whole class incentives.
I divided the amount of points as follows and made sure students were earning something for positive behavior atleast bi-weekly.  Students came up with class rewards as a class so there was buy in! 

The best part was that Oriental Trading sent AMAZING treasure that lasted us the whole year
You can find all of the FUN, engaging rewards right HERE!.  


I hope this system helps you develop a reward system in your primary classroom of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards! And remember that Oriental Trading has amazing treasures at a great price! Even parents can donate some Oriental Trading treasures to your students! You can grab a gift card right on their website!  Have a wonderful, happy, engaging, exciting year with your littles!


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